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(no subject)
Even though I might be gifted
This G-Kush still be gettin me lifted
And you know it's the truth
This 48z my proof, don't fuck with the juice
This herb get ya higher than the mutha fuckin spruce goose
Spittin the flow
The words that I know
Still countin the dough
Writin' out rhymes, while u pickin up dimes
It's all legit shit, none of that whack ass brick shit
Pass that schwag to me, fuck you suck my dick
I remember the old times, corona's with fresh limes
Shorties cuttin out lines
Passin the time spillin the wine
An ounce at time, like it wasn't a crime
Only to find our love ones incarcerated
Perpetrated by the fraud of society
So don't cry to me, and lie to me
About justice, and righteousness
Watch me bust this cap right through your consciousness
Fill your head full of atrocities
To inform your philosophies
Better arm your nukes, cuz there's no stoppin me
From sea to shining sea
For thee I see.


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