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Looking back it seems so uncomplicated.
Make or break it.
Can't buy it, you have to take it.
Got no use for the fake shit
The confidants of our middle class
Are not so subtly, buried in the past
Along with the troubadour cast
The roll call, just comes up blank now

The expressions on their faces
Betray their bliss' ignorance
Roll N Rock with a Rolling Rock
There's a snap crackle something in the air

Just hating all the hate
On the box that seals their fate
Watching fucking's getting old anyways.
So we'll sing all the songs of the past
And raise Jolly Roger high on the mast
Of the ship of our dreams, stuck at port.

The visions in my head
Are full of fear and dread
But I still harbor hope to carry on
And I'm sure that one day soon
We'll all join in the tune
Of everybody realizing
they're just you and me.

Oh, there's a grave that bares my name.
It'll be a god damn shame.
But it's the way of the world anyways.
And it won't happen soon.
I'll pray to the moon.
To keep that evil tide, safe at bay.

My head within my hands
I'm striding with the bands
Of light that guide me through the darkness
There must be a point.
But I'm saving this last joint.
'Cuz you never know when the time will be at hand.

Cry out to the herd,
these simple timeless words...
Make a man your brother.
One after another.
And before you know it
We can end all this doubt.

I've said all I have to say
It probably won't matter anyways
At least I'll be awake in the morning.


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